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Welcome to the Canby Area Chamber of Commerce

The Canby Area Chamber of Commerce is currently seeking applicants for the Board of Directors. If you’re interested in serving a three year term on the board please fill out an application and return it to the chamber office no later than October 24th, 2014. Ballots will be distributed to the membership on November 3rd and elections will take place the first five working days of November.

Frequently Asked Questions
-Who is represented on the Canby Area Chamber of Commerce Board?
Board membership is intended to be a broad representation of the diversity of the Canby business community.  

-How many members serve on the Canby Area Chamber of Commerce Board?
The Board currently functions with nine positions. However, it is not required that all positions be filled to conduct Chamber business. 

-What are the responsibilities of Canby Area Chamber of Commerce Board members?
Members and staff work together to provide oversight for implementing the Chamber’s scope of work, which includes creation and revision of policies, preparation and review of annual budget, procedures, by-laws and other necessary governing documents.

-How much time is required of Canby Area Chamber of Commerce Board members?
Attendance is expected at the monthly board meeting, scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month. Each board member is expected to be involved with at least one major Chamber activity, which could include fundraisers, committee work, or specific project management duties, in support of board projects.  These assignments will be made based upon the interests, skills and time constraints of each member. Many of these tasks may be conducted via phone calls and email communication.

-How are board members selected?
A public request for board nominations from the membership is conducted annually. Applications are due in October and are submitted to the entire membership for a vote in November.

For more information or questions please contact the chamber office at 503-266-4600 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Click here to download the application form.

About the Chamber


Serving the business needs and interests of the business community as a whole for over 100 years, the Canby Area Chamber of Commerce is comprised of over 300 members. These members come from every facet of the business community. From retail to industrial, home based to corporate office, the members of the Chamber represent a strong force in the regional economy. The Chamber represents an economy which is based upon agriculture, yet is also strong in manufacturing, retail and service.


Through advocacy, education and promotion, the Chamber supports its members and the business community by taking action on local, regional and statewide issues. An elected nine-member Board of Directors governs Chamber activities. A full-time Executive Director and Office Manager oversee all programs and events and handle administrative duties of the Chamber.


Diamond Members










Presidential Member

Board of Directors


   Ryan Oliver

1st Vice President

   Loren Bell

2nd Vice President

   David Dewar


   Suzanne VanAmburgh

   Paul Carlson

   Debbie Jewell

   Ron Yarbrough

   Amy Nguyen

   Derek Hill

Mission Statement:

To promote a positive business environment, advocate and support our members’ businesses and community organizations



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